Graphic Design Skills (5N1978)

The Graphic Design Skills module can be taken as part of the Graphic Design (5M1995) award.

The Graphic Design module builds on the skills developed in the Design module.

The work of a graphic designer might involve producing designs for such things as business stationery, leaflets, posters, advertising, packaging, books, CD covers or web sites. In fact just about anything that uses type and images.

Graphic designers work for ‘clients’ who come to them with particular jobs in mind. A ‘client’ could be anyone from a single individual to a large company. The designers job is to research what is required and come up with a creative solution that is also within the clients budget.

Most of the time the graphic designer is designing for print. That is the designs that are eventually printed by a commercial printers. The designer does not usually do the printing him/herself but needs to understand the processes involved. Nowadays however some designers concentrate on designing for the internet.

Some of the course will involve drawing, both to develop ideas and draw up layouts and finished ‘artwork’. You will also be developing an understanding of type (lettering) and incorporating images (e.g. photographs) into your designs.

Nowadays much of the work of the graphic designer involves using working with a computer. A graphic designer uses computer software packages to draw logos and diagrams (drawing software), edit and manipulate photographs and other images (paint software) and to put the whole document together (Desk Top Publishing). During the course we will do some of the project work using computers.

A large portion of the year will be given over to a main graphic design project. You will be able to decide on what you do yourself, in conjunction with the tutor.

Graphic Design Skills