Tourism with Business (5M5011)

Tourism business is very important to the Irish economy. The overall aim of this programme is to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to work independently and under supervision in a tourism related role in a range of business contexts and/ or to progress to further or higher education and training. 120 Credits are required to achieve a Major Award at Level 5 in this area. This will be achieved by completing the following:

All of the following subjects (modules):

Other certified subjects (modules) offered:



A range of non-certified & certified subjects are offered including tutorials, beginners IT, language support, numeracy and writing skills.
A maximum of 15 credits may be used from either level 4 or level 6.

A note on Subject (Module) codes

The number before the N in the module code gives the level of the module: 4N denotes level 4, 5N signifies level 5, while 6N means level 6.