General Learning Skills (4M2010)

General Learning Skills (4M2010) is a full-time one year course. Its purpose is to enable the learner to develop the relevant knowledge, skill and competence in a broad range of employment and personal skills which enable employment, under direct supervision, in a variety of sectors, or progression to further education or training.
The total credit value required for this award is 90. This will be achieved by completing the following:

All of the following mandatory subjects (70/80 credits):

  • Communications (4N0689) – 15 credits
  • Work Experience (4N1168) – 15 credits
  • Career Planning (4N1109) – 10 credits
  • Information Technology Skills (4N1125) – 10 credits
  • Functional Maths (4N2138) – 5 credits
  • Customer Service (4N1989) – 10 credits
  • Business English (4N1108) – 5 credits
  • ESOL (4N1180) – [* Compulsory for those whose first language is not English] – 10 credits

Elective subjects (20 credits):

  • Health Related Fitness (4N2666) – 10 credits
  • Short Order Cooking (4N1151) – 10 credits
  • Spanish (4N1178) – 10 credits


General Learning Skills

Non certified subjects such as tutorials and crafts will also be offered.
Learners must do a minimum of 22 hours over five (5) days per week.

A note on Subject (Module) codes

The number before the N in the module code gives the level of the module: 4N denotes level 4, 5N signifies level 5, while 6N means level 6.